“Don’t tell me how to make it cheaper. Tell me how to make it better.” – Burt Avedon

Our Mission:

To offer performance and function without sacrificing quality, comfort and – just as important – style. Simply put, we set out to create the first field shirt that’s as performance-driven as those who will wear it. From the foundation of that shirt, we continue the endeavor to provide the finest adventure clothing ever offered. By drawing on all of our past experience developing garments for many iconic, authentic outfitting brands – the Avedon & Colby collection is a culmination of functional performance features – signature elements we pioneered and perfected over the years – to new innovations and design details surpassing the scrutiny of the most avid field enthusiasts. The result is the most comfortable, most functional clothing you will ever wear.

Our Founders:

Burt Avedon and Susan Colby worked together as a design team specializing in premium performance clothing for almost 30 years. Together they have created designs and supervised the manufacturing of over 500 individual styles of distinctive garments and accessories for many of the prestigious lifestyle brands you know well – beginning with the purchase of Willis & Geiger in 1978, then on to The Orvis Company, Beretta, Kevin's, Woolrich, Eddie Bauer and many more from 1999 – present. (To see complete list, click here). The new Avedon & Colby label is a culmination of the many signature features we've developed through the years – plus a few new innovations designed for superior performance. Together, the Signature Field Shirt is the finest, most advanced garment we've designed to date.


Burt experienced more in his lifetime than most, and he is, simply put, the real deal – a true adventurer…learning to fly at 12… joining Claire Chennault's volunteer group in 1941…a navy fighter pilot serving in combat during both World War II and Korea – and later as a test pilot and Top Gun instructor…Formula 1 racing in Italy and a bush pilot in Africa…he is a senior member of "The Explorer's Club" and not one to slow down – even those who know him today – in his 90s!

In 1978 – Burt purchased Willis & Geiger, the historic outfitter founded in 1902. Armed with a Navy-financed Harvard MBA and three year's experience as a professional hunter in British East Africa, he set about to revive the bankrupt company by re-introducing improved versions of many of the iconic Willis & Geiger styles that had so capably outfitted adventurers and explorers like Teddy Roosevelt, Ernest Hemingway, Charles Lindbergh, Amelia Earhart, and more.

Read the 2013 Vice article about Burt.


Susan joined Burt at Willis & Geiger in 1986 with an art degree from Smith College following a successful career as first an art teacher, then as a member of Westinghouse's Design Center, Associated Merchandising Corporation and finally, at Paul Stuart/NYC as a designer and buyer.

Together, Burt and Susan work to design and develop innovative garments and accessories that blend the classic good taste of a bygone era of wilderness exploration and adventure with high-performance features never before seen by outdoor enthusiasts.


Willis & Geiger (1979-1999)

As Consultants (1999-2015) FOR:
The Orvis Company
Eddie Bauer
Kevin's Fine Outdoor
Gear & Apparel
Duluth Trading
King Ranch
J. Peterman
Colonial Williamsburg
FM Allen
Working Person's Store Mossy Oak Apparel
Bill's Khakis
Stormy Kromer
J.L. Powell
Sara Lee/Duofold

Our Future:

In May of 2018, at the age of 94, Burt Avedon passed away from complications of Parkinson’s Disease, but he left behind Susan Colby, an arsenal of future design concepts and a management team devoted to continuing his legacy. As a Naval Officer and war hero veteran, Burt was buried in Arlington National Cemetary with full Navy Honors – including a “Missing Man” Navy flyover.