All of the fabrics used in our clothing meet stringent performance requirements.

Our Signature Bush Poplin

The Signature Field Shirt is constructed of a 100% long-staple cotton bush poplin that's distinguished by its tight, compact weave of high-twist yarn. Softened with a lightly napped finish that won't weaken the fabric (unlike surface sanding, which abrades the weave and weakens the fabric), the inherent water repellency of the weave is further enhanced with a water-repellant finish. The result is a lightweight, comfortable shirt that resists wind and water, wicks moisture, dries quickly and is both durable and abrasion resistant.

The dense, compact weave also resists snags from burrs and thorns – and protects against biting ticks and mosquitoes. The shirt's unique color is an exact replicate of the traditional "tea-dyed" British Army khaki originally developed in India during the 1860's when the dust from the red clay roads stained the soldiers' tropical white uniforms. The uniforms were subsequently dyed with tea to match the color of the road dust – and coincidentally became the world's first camouflage military uniforms. This new "British Tan" became the uniform color-of-choice during World War I, and was later adopted by the WWII veterans who settled on land grants in British East Africa, where many became the continent's first professional hunters.

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Signature Linen Fabric

The story of weaving flax fibers into linen fabric is almost as old as clothing itself. The ancient Egyptians wrapped their dead pharaohs in linen and carefully placed them in their pyramids. When discovered 3000 years later, Rameses II linen wrappings were still intact. The Romans brought linen to western Europe.You can grow flax in sub-par soil. It requires less irrigation and chemicals. It is one of the few fabrics stronger when wet than dry. It can absorb a great deal of moisture without feeling damp and that moisture evaporates offering incredible cooling properies. It is truly a natural fiber with high-tech qualities.

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Premium Moleskin Fabric

100% cotton moleskin fabric represents endurance and tradition of the rugged lifestyle for which it was created. First developed in medieval Europe, this cloth offered warmth, protection, and comfort in varied conditions. Moleskin has a soft, brushed finish that is remarkably resistant to wind – and while the feel is quite luxurious, the pile actually protects the surface from abrasion and wear. This texture resembles suede or the downy coat of the mole – its namesake.

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Tattersall Cotton Fabric

Much is expected of a country gentleman. There is, of course, the gentlemanly conduct component. But maintaining the proper appearance requires attention as well. For generations, this has meant at least one item of tattersall in the wardrobe. The unique, overcheck pattern was first employed by Richard Tattersall as blankets on the backs of the fine racehorses passing through Tattersall’s Bloodstock auction house. It quickly became a gentleman’s staple throughout the British Isles. It should come as no surprise then, we would offer our original Signature Field Shirt in a Tattersall version. Made from 100% yarn-dyed cotton for exceptional comfort and style. 

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Pinpoint Oxford Fabric

There are times when even the most adventurous of us must take our otherwise unflappable demeanor into the most challenging situations – formal settings. This doesn’t mean we have to completely step away from the outdoors, however. Like a luxury SUV, we designed our premium Signature Field Dress Shirt to marry elements from both environments. This fine pinpoint Oxford fabric is up to snuff – a 100% cotton, 80s/2 3.76 oz. premium pinpoint oxford cloth sewn 16 spi to work with finer construction of the fabric. 

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Airplane Cloth

Leave it to Burt Avedon, a former air racer, fighter pilot and African bush pilot, to see the benefits of strength and comfort in this unique industrial fabric. Originally developed to “skin” the wings and fuselages of wood-framed biplanes, our high-construction industrial Airplane Cloth fabric is woven with fine, 2-ply, long-staple, combed cotton yarn that has been mercerized under pressure for exceptional smoothness, strength, moisture absorption and luster. It’s then finished to meet two MILSPECs (Military Specifications): MIL-C-5646F and AM3806, resulting in a very high bursting strength. To remain true to the MILSPEC requirements, we do not dye the fabric before sewing to preserve its original smoothness and strength.

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All-Terrain Canvas

Made from a combination of our All-Terrain 7- and 10-oz. canvases. The 10-oz. offers major support to the ”high wear areas” and it is both water and abrasion resistant. The 7-oz. canvas is both durable and strong, while offering a softer feel for fit and the ability to provide incredible sewing detail where movement, zippered fly and pocketing are concerned.

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Indigo Denim

6.3 oz. Indigo denim 7.6 oz. khaki canvas

Khaki Canvas Bearer's Work Shirt

1968 Cone Denim

Milled right here in the USA, 1968 Cone denim is an "old school" Draper-loomed denim acclaimed for its exceptionally hard-wearing uniform texture. Sold unwashed (with 1" allowance for length shrinkage) – the 14.8 oz fabric breaks in quickly and looks better with every washing.

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Dry-Finish, Washable Waxed Cotton Canvas

A premium, dry-finished waxed-cotton fabric made for us by Halley Stevensons in Dundee, Scotland, it's unique dry finish will not rub-off or stain car seats like some paraffin-based waxed-cotton fabrics. And, unlike many waxed cotton fabrics, it is also washable. Used in a custom quilted design.

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Officer's Drill Khaki

Designed as a replica of the classic Officers Dress Pant based on an original pair from Burt’s personal wardrobe. the 8 oz., 100% cotton dense twill is not only stylish when worn un-pressed and wrinkled (as a proper cotton pant should) or starched and pressed with a spit-and-polish crease – but strong and wear resistant.

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Cotton Z-Twill

Our latest version of the original Gurkha shorts are sewn from durable 9.6 oz. tightly woven cotton “Z-twill" that features a flatter, smoother surface than other twills. 

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