To offer a different type of field shirt – one that delivers performance and function without sacrificing quality, comfort and style. Simply put, we set out to create the first field shirt as performance-driven as those who will wear it.
Drawing on all of our past experience developing garments for some iconic, authentic outfitting brands – the Avedon & Colby Signature Field shirt is a culmination of functional performance features – signature features we've pioneered and perfected over the years – to new innovations and design details that surpass the scrutiny of avid field enthusiasts. The result is the most comfortable, most functional field shirt you will ever wear.

With the launch of our Signature label, we are very excited to now be back to be doing it for ourselves – the way we did together in the early Willis & Geiger days.


When it comes to quality and attention to detail – we have spared nothing. From the proven 100% cotton long-staple bush poplin – in historic "tea-dyed" British Tan – to the quality details found only on fine-tailored shirts – we're confident our Signature Field Shirt will live up to the standards of those who require the best – and then some.

The design philosophy behind our new Signature Field Shirt is "function, not fashion". We believe in making things better. We developed every performance feature and construction detail by asking "How will it function in the field?" and "What will make this shirt work better?"

Signature Shirt

We don't believe in sacrificing quality and performance features to save costs, either. Our new Signature Field Shirt costs a little more than other field shirts – but it does a whole lot more.


Tea-Dyed Bush Poplin: The Signature Field Shirt is constructed of a 100% long-staple cotton bush poplin that's distinguished by its tight, compact weave of high-twist yarn. Softened with a lightly napped finish that won't weaken the fabric (unlike surface sanding, which abrades the weave and weakens the fabric), the inherent water repellency of the weave is further enhanced with a water-repellant finish. The result is a lightweight, comfortable shirt that resists wind and water, wicks moisture, dries quickly and is both durable and abrasion resistant. The dense, compact weave also resists snags from burrs and thorns – and protects against biting ticks and mosquitoes.

The shirt's unique color is an exact replicate of the traditional "tea-dyed" British Army khaki originally developed in India during the 1860's when the dust from the red clay roads stained the soldiers' tropical white uniforms. The uniforms were subsequently dyed with tea to match the color of the road dust – and coincidentally became the world's first camouflage military uniforms. This new "British Tan" became the uniform color-of-choice during World War I, and was later adopted by the WWII veterans who settled on land grants in British East Africa, where many became the continent's first professional hunters.

Design Features:

Retractable Bi-Swing Back (a Signature Feature): A generous, full-length bi-swing back extends from the top of each shoulder to the waist and expands to prevent pulling on the sleeves when arms are thrust forward. A unique, elasticized mesh panel inside the shirt reseats the bi-swing pleats to their original position to prevent ballooning and maintain a trim, snag-free profile.

Moisture-Wicking Mesh: The hydrophilic elasticized 100% polyester mesh half lining on inside of the shirt back wicks sweat away from the wearer's skin and out to the cotton shirt material to accelerate evaporation and cooling on hot days.

Double-Reversed Underarm Gusset (a patent-pending Signature Feature): A revolutionary new underarm gusset design allows for complete freedom of arm movement by preventing any pulling on the shirt's sleeve when arms are raised or rotated when shooting, fly casting or using binoculars.

Side Panels (a Signature Feature): Tailored side panels replace traditional side seams (which are cheaper to sew) to separate the front and rear shirt panels to prevent transfer of torque so the shirt body does not twist or pull when climbing, crawling or pulling.

Pivot Sleeve (a Signature Feature): Each sleeve seam follows the arm-motion pivot points to reduce cuff "pull-back" and waist "pull-out" while allowing arms to move freely.

Articulated Elbows (a Signature Feature): A sequence of small pleats at the elbows help prevent the shirt cuffs from pulling back and binding when bending arms for shooting, fly casting or using binoculars.

Signature Shirt


Sun Collar: A flip-up collar extension prevents sunburn on the back of the neck. Constructed with a military-style "zig-zag" stitch (a Signature Feature) to keep it rigid without adding additional thickness or weight, the sun collar stays up without curling or folding back on itself.

Throat Latch: A unique fold-back throat latch and concealed keeper button prevents wind from blowing down the wearer's neck on chilly days.

Hidden Button-Down Collar: Hidden buttons secure the shirt's collar tips to prevent them from flapping against the wearer's face and neck in high winds or when boarding a helicopter or bush plane.

Sleeve Roll Tabs (a Signature Feature): Extra-long sleeve roll tabs are hidden inside each sleeve to accommodate easy rolling up of shirtsleeves without binding.

Tuck-In Pocket Flap (a Signature Feature): Button-secured front pocket flaps are designed with a notch to tuck neatly into the open pockets to prevent snagging on a shotgun or rifle butt when hunting or shooting.

Box Pleat Pockets: Generous, functional (not decorative) box pleats on each pocket allow for expanded capacity.

Zipper Pockets (a Signature Feature): Concealed brass zippers secure two "drop behind" hidden pockets for safekeeping a cell phone, passport, cash, wallet or other valuables. Reinforcing cloth panels sewn on the inside of the shirt support the zippers to prevent sagging.

Pocket Loop: A convenient pocket loop keeps sunglasses readily accessible.

Contoured Shirt Bottom: The gently contoured shirt bottom is shaped for comfort and style, whether tucked in or left out.

Horn & Urea Buttons: Stronger and more durable than traditional horn buttons, the Signature Field Shirt buttons are molded from ground horn powder and urea-methanol resin to withstand harsh washing on rocks (when on safari) or high-temperature commercial shirt presses back home. Raised button rims protect the thread from abrasion.

Dress Shirt Construction: All seams are single-needle stitched and surged to prevent any fraying of material.

Dress Shirt Front Placket: The seven-button front placket features a horizontal lower buttonhole, which counters the natural stress of the button so it won't pull out. The "turn up" design of the placket bottom (not a simple fold-over) is a hallmark of fine shirt making.

The Signature Field Shirt is sewn in Hong Kong by our long-time sewing and manufacturing partner from the Willis & Geiger days.

Colors: Offered in British Tan, Pewter and Khaki colors;
Sizes: Small to 2XL, Large Tall and XL Tall

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