An Advanced Design Approach to the Lightweight Field Pant.

From our 100% cotton long-staple, true bush poplin to our innovative comfort features – to functional details you've never seen before, our Signature Field Pants will out-perform all the rest: on the trail, in the field or back in camp.

With our design philosophy of "function, not fashion", we always strive to make things better, never cheaper. Every performance feature and construction detail we design into our garments is vetted by asking: "How will it function in the field?" and "Will it make this garment work better?" That's why our Signature Field Pants cost more than other field pants, while delivering a whole lot more.


Tea-Dyed Bush Poplin: Our Signature Field Pants are constructed with the same 100% long-staple cotton bush poplin as our Signature Field Shirt. This unique fabric's tight, compact, water-repellant weave of high-twist yarn is treated with a DWI finish after it's softened with a lightly napped finish that won't weaken the fabric (unlike surface sanding, which abrades and weakens fabrics). The result is a lightweight, comfortable pant that is so durable and abrasion resistant that they resist snags from burrs and thorns – and bites from ticks and mosquitoes.

Traditional "tea-dyed" British Army khaki was developed in India during the 1860's when the soldiers' tropical white uniforms were dyed with tea to match the color of the road dust, creating the world's first camouflage military uniforms. "British Tan" was the preferred hot-climate uniform color during World War I & II, and was adopted by WWII veterans who settled in British East Africa to become the continent's first professional hunters.


Sizing: Our original Signature Feld Pants come in Medium (32 - 34), Large (36 - 38) and Extra Large (40 - 42) sizes, and feature 2-button waistline tabs on each hip that allow easy adjustments for a perfect fit. Our Signature Field Pant II are offered in traditional waist sizes, but also include the 2-button side tab to dial in on the perfect fit.

Oversized Crotch Gusset: A unique 4-inch, seamless panel tapers gradually down the inside of each leg to just above each knee to eliminate binding and crotch seam irritation when climbing and hiking in the field.

Soft Waistband & French Fly: The pants feature a soft, comfortable waistband, full-length (7-inch) heavy-duty YKK brass zipper with hook and loop waist closure and a full French fly to remove stress on the zipper.

Contoured Fabric Panels: Every panel in the seat, hips and legs is strategically contoured to allow maximum movement and comfort while maintaining a trim, stylish profile.


Oversized Belt Loops: Eight 2-inch belt loops include three "tunnel loops" at the side and center-back to help support belt-mounted camera cases, holsters or knives.

Side Cargo Pockets:  Two, highly functional side cargo pockets feature our Signature Tuck-In Flaps which are secured with two hidden buttons and can be tucked in with no puckering of the flap material. Rear-facing pleats permit full cargo expansion without catching on thorns and brush. No-rust thread grommets provide drainage. Inner, hidden security pockets close with heavy-duty brass YKK zippers, and open top, outer patch pockets accommodate a cell phone or compact GPS unit.

Extra Large Hip Pockets: Two 6-inch X 6-inch hip pockets close with heavy-duty brass YKK zippers.

Easy-Access Front Pockets: Both front pockets are 10-inches deep with an easy-access top opening.

Heavy-Duty Pocket Construction: The interior "bags" of every pocket are constructed from the same fabric as the pants for extreme durability.

Boot Zipper: Each lower leg features an 8-inch out seam zippered opening with a cover flap and 2-position snap tab for easy removal of boots.

Pant Leg Abrasion Panels: The back of each leg features 6-inch, 2-layer abrasion panel behind the heel.

Download the full spec sheet on our Field Pant here >