The Magic of Pure Linen Fabric.

Linen has long been regarded as the most comfortable fabric for hot climates, so much so that it was actually used as currency in ancient Egypt. What makes linen unique is its ability to absorb and wick away perspiration without feeling clammy and damp. And because it has a naturally stiff hand, it's much less likely to cling to skin, but billows way from your body to dry quickly and keep you cool. 


Burt Avedon started making safari shirts from linen after one of his old hunting pals from Africa called him many years ago to complain that his best-selling bush poplin shirts were "too damn hot" in the 130-degree summer heat. So, for today's African hunters, we've re-created our original bush poplin Signature Field Shirt in 100% linen – with all of the same performance and comfort features found in the original. Our 100% linen fabric is smooth to the touch, yet surprisingly tough and abrasion-resistant (and actually stronger wet than when it's dry). Offered in pewter green, classic khaki and new chambray blue.

Highly shrink-resistant, it tolerates hot water and gets more comfortable with every washing. The neutral colors look smart and blend into many landscapes without absorbing heat from the blazing sun. From it's high-performance design and features to its premium linen fabric, the new Avedon & Colby linen Signature Field Shirt is simply the finest hot-weather climate shirt you will ever wear.

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